Working with daily cooldowns to make gold – how I make 122K per month

After my mage (Doortje) hit level 85, I started focussing on making gold. Just enough to buy what I wanted to make me enjoy the game more than it already did. I leveled my first professions: Tailoring and Enchanting. I made the weekly cooldowns in cataclysm (special cloth to make bags) and discovered that by making my cooldowns every day, I generated a steady income for myself. This made me realize, what if I had all professions and would be able to make each profession cooldown every single day? One year and later, this is what I have achieved:

NOTE: This is just the tip of the iceberg. Doing my daily profession cooldowns is the bare minimum of my gold making. 

Per month this is my average turnover of all my profession cooldowns per month (costs excluded, and no guarentee on fluctuations off the market price and counting 30 days as a month):
Doortje: 35.81K per month
Dorelai: 22.65K per month
Doreili: 45K per month
Dorelor: 18.9K per month
TOTAL: 122.36K per month

Rough overview of the costs (if you were to buy everything):
Tailoring: 4833 gold /month
Leatherworking: 8169 gold /month
Alchemy: 9747 gold /month
Engineering: 1758 gold /month
Blacksmithing: 3383 gold /month
Total of 27890 gold /month
Net Profit: 122360 – 27890 = 94470 gold /month = 77% profit



amazoniaShe has level 1 Engineering, for a reason. I’ve put her in Shrine of Seven Stars. Within 10 yards there’s an Auctioneer (H.A.R.V.E.Y.) which is only available to engineers, a bank (Lil ‘ Canny), a vendor (Murphey Diremoor), a mailbox and a Guild Vault. She has been equipped with the biggest bags around (Royal Satchel’s) in both her backpack (126 slots) and bank (224 slots), and she has her own personal guild (bank). The guild bank has 5 tabs, which is another 490 slots to store items. In total she has 840 bag slots to work with.

What do I use her for? She used to be my auctioneer for everything. What I looted on Doortje, I mailed to Amazonia to sell. That way I kept my bags nice and empty for looting more on my  mage. Over time, her personal bank has become the place where I store heirlooms and the most valuable items I want to keep for the future. For example, formula’s and companions that are no longer available in-game and I wish to sell over time. In general, just stuff I don’t want to sell by accident and store away safely. Her guildbank is primarily used for warehousing transmog items. You name it, and I probably have the item in stock. Its not just because I focus on selling transmog items, but also that I love to have each and every item available at all times. The guildbank is also used for storage of cooking ingredients. I collect everything for a few weeks, then send it all over to my mage (Doortje) to do the cooking.



doreleiThis is my current main, and it will probably stay that way for a long time to come. While herbalism and mining might not give the best raiding profession perks, she is where I mostly play the game. She has fun items in her bags, not profession mats. However, she can always pick up a few ghost iron ore while she’s doing a daily, or pick up that herb since its in front of her anyways. More importantly, she can smelt ore to use for other professions. This saves a lot of money, since prices of ores and bars can vary a lot. Mostly, you guys will know her as the GM of Macho Men, a busy but rewarding profession in itself ;-).

She is equipped with Royal Satchels only and has Mining and Herbalism bags for the occasional farming streak.




doortjeMy mage with 6 professions at 600 (two primary, and 4 secondary), the primary being Tailoring and Enchanting. Tailoring has two main daily cooldowns at the moment: Imperial Silk and Celestial Cloth. With Imperial Silk i can craft 28-slot bags (Royal Satchel) every 12 days, selling on average for 3.4K each. Celestial Cloth is used to craft 553 items (belts and legs). Belts take 21 days to craft, Legs a bit longer with 28 days. The market for these has been very volatile, but you should be able to get on average 10K for the belt and 12.5K for the legs. I also still craft the Cataclysm weekly cooldowns (Dreamcloth). Every week she can make an Illusionary Bag (26 slots) which sells for 2.3K on average. She needs 18 bolts of Windwool Cloth daily to make her cooldowns, which equals 4,5 stacks of cloth.

Doortje knows all cooking recipes and also has the Cooking School Bell. This gives her a free Ironpaw Token and +300 buff food daily. This nets on average 30 Ironpawtokens (50 gold each) and 70 (3,5 stacks of) buff food per month (worth on average 2K). She also cooks food from whatever ingredients I looted/farmed.

She has Royal Satchels and Illusionary Bags (remainder of cataclysm times), and a few Enchanting bags for the occasional farm/craft sessions.

Doortje provides me with all the enchants (including spellthreads) and buff food I need.


dorelaiMy hunter has Leatherworking and Skinning. I usually farm my own leather at Lake of the Stars in Dread Wastes. Killing the turtles and crocodiles not only gives me Exotic Leather and Prismatic Scales (used for daily Leatherworking cooldowns), but also provides me with turtle and crocolisk meat for cooking.

Of course, Dorelai also has her tillers farm all sorted, but the main thing is her daily profession cooldowns. As a Leatherworker you either make Magnificence of Leather or Magnificence of Scales, which gives you a Magnificent Hide. You can make more Magnificent Hides per day, but it will cost you relatively more mats. I usually craft at least two, which are needed for the main (new) cooldown: Hardened Magnificent Hide. This works much like tailoring where you need 21 hides for a 553 belt and 28 for 553 legs. Selling on average for 15K (belt) and 22.5K (legs). In general I need 70 Exotic Leather for her cooldowns (20 for the first hide, 50 for the second).

She has mostly Royal Satchels, some Illusionary bags and large looted bags.

Dorelai provides my chars with legarmor.


doreiliMy priest which is both an Alchemist and an Engineer. She is specialized as a transmute alchemist and a gnomish engineer. This means her transmutes have a chance to proc (free living steel yay!) and she knows specific engeering formula’s. On a day to day basis she crafts two things: Living Steel and Jard’s Peculiar Energy Source. Her daily cooldowns are expensive since it requires 10 Ghost Iron Bars and 6 Trillium Bars to craft. After 30 days of crafting both, she can craft a Sky Golem. These mounts sell for about 45K at the moment, and are still on the wishlist of many. She could also be crafting Pierre (companion) every 15 days, but will focus on the Sky Golem for now.

Her bags aren’t fully sorted yet, I’m still working towards providing her with Royal Satchels. For now she has to work with Embersilk Bags and large looted bags.

Doreili provides my chars with flasks and potions, as well as the scopes for my hunter. 


chaeosMy Death Knight Chaeos, masters Jewelcrafting and Inscription. Now this is a char/professions I struggle with. I sometimes make all cooldowns available, and sometimes I do not. Mostly because inscription is not as profitable anymore when it comes to daily cooldowns and Jewelcrafting is not a market i commonly bother playing. Nonetheless, I make sure to craft at least Serpent’s Heart. It requires three Serpent’s Eye to make and gives you a random rare quality uncut gem or primal diamond. After you’ve learned all the recipes you’ll probably only make this cooldown. When it comes to inscription, there’s the Scroll of Wisdom. I have a few stacks in my inventory, but I stopped making Darkmoon Fair Decks (trinkets).

Chaeos has been provided with Embersilk bags and Jewelcrafting bags. I don’t make gold off her unless I actively play the glyph and or gem market. She does provide my chars with all the glyphs and gems I need. And the daily cooldown makes sure I always have a gem in stock.


dorelorMy recently dinged Rogue and Blacksmith. She just picked up the max level cooldowns and is now happily crafting her daily Lightning Steel Ingot and Balanced Trillium Ingot. She still has loads of plans to learn, including how to craft 553 legs and belts. After 21/28 days she should be able to craft at least one of them. These sell on average for 13K (belts) and 18K (legs). I will need 30 days of crafting Lightning Steel Ingot in addition to 12 Living Steel to craft 502 TBC styled weapons like Blazefury, Reborn. Selling on average for 20K each. I’m hoping for procs on my living steel + some additional living steel crafts to come up with the extra’s needed to craft these items.

I’m still working on her bags, I farmed a few large bags from instances and quests but she remains in need of some upgrades.

Dorelor provides my chars with Belt Buckles, leg armor and weapon chains.

I’ll probably level Alchemy on Dorelor as well, since that could give me more living steel to work with on a daily basis. That just shows you, its never done :D.