We usually save you… now we choose our own enjoyment :P

Remember that wipe on Malkorok last Sunday? You might think we probably missed a pool at one point, and the tank may have not used the proper defensives… uhm no. Only one healer was healing.

I know, I know… a wipe costs time, but why should the DPS have all the fun, or the tanks for that matter. As healers we decided today was our day. So we decided to see how far Hiela’s heals could take us. The result? Right here:

p.s. gogo rogue healer!!

hiela rules again


Now the picture above was taken by myself (Dorelei) and I was standing on the other side of the platform. To illustrate what it must have looked like for Hiela.. here’s the pic from the week before:

Malkorok Burst Healing