Warlords of Draenor and raiding.. our preliminary perspective

We’re looking forward to Warlords of Draenor, and even more to the changes that are being made to raiding. Here are the highlights of what is changing:

Changes to raid diffulty and size:
– Current Flexible diffulty will be renamed to Normal difficulty and keep the scalability of 10-25 people;
– Current Normal difficulty will be renamed to Heroic difficulty and will gain the scalability of 10-25 people;
– Current Heroic difficulty will be renamed to Mythic difficulty and we be a fixed size of 20 people.

Changes to stats and gear:
– When you change spec, for example from Elemental Shaman to Enhancement Shaman, the stats of your gear will transform from intellect to agility;
– The option to reforge will be removed;
– Gemming/enchanting will be more simple;
– Itemlevels/stats/dps/hps will be squished.

Changes to loot:
– Raid leader can choose whether loot should be individual (like current Flex/LFR) or group based (like current Normal).

What do we foresee to have an impact on us raiding as a guild?
The big plus is that we can be more flexible (at least on Normal and Heroic encounters [using new raiding difficulty definition]). ¬†We can bring anywhere between 10 and 25 people to our raids. As we have always considered ‘the more the merrier’ when it comes to raiding, we expect this to have great possiblities for us as a guild.

With the current announcements, this is our preliminary approach to raiding in WoD:
– Have a main team with 14 raiders; if some people are late or can’t join for some reason, we don’t have to PuG or wait.. since 10 is the minimum. Also, 14 seems to be the optimal number of people in a raid on flexible difficulty at the moment. And it isn’t a big step for us to go from 10 to 14 people given the amount of active players in our guild.
– Have up to 16 spares (so a total of 30 raiders core+spare). Now this isn’t a requirement immediately (or our goal), but we can work our way towards a bigger raid step by step. It all depends on where our guild will be at in the start of WoD. Our goal will be to bring those who want to join, as much as we can, and as many as we can at the same time.
– Actively bring spares as long as the role balance/loot balance/buffs allows it. There’s no reason for us not to bring 21 people if they happen to be ready, online and geared. We are not used to progression with large groups, so its something we’ll slowly phase in if applicable.

Yes we could start spamming trade to recruit and get to 25 man raiding, but we won’t. The main thing we want for Macho Men is that the raiders and all members feel like they are part of this community. Keeping the Macho Men spirit alive and players enjoying each others company is the most important thing to us. Therefore, we will only slowly start bringing more apeople who feel like joining into the group.

I hope this update gives you some useful info. The officers and myself are looking forward to WoD and many more joyful evenings with the guild. We hope to see you around too!

Your GM, Dorelei.