The Macho Men Birthday Spectacular! Come all!

Hello guys!

Tonight between 7.30 and 8.30, we’ll host the Macho Men Birthday Extravaganza!

How does this work? At 7.30 I’ll start inviting everyone to a raidgroup. When most are there we’ll start travelling to our secret location. After arriving, everyone will stack up, and watch how Dorelei jumps to her death. A pull timer will follow, and upon expiring of the timer, everyone will jump at the same time. When you hit the ground, its very important to not release your corpse. Stay where you are!

We’ll do 1 practice jump. The objective is to die the closest to Dorelei. Using items, abilities or stances that slow your fall speed are not allowed and you will be disqualified. You are to simply “jump”. After our second jump, the people closest to the body will be invited to jump again. The closest corpse to Dorelei’s will win an epic prize!!! What it is? Dunno yet.. I have a budget and yet to run to the auction house :P.

Be there all!