General Rules

  • Respect guildies and all other players (be nice!). Our purpose is to enjoy this game and no single member should prevent others from enjoying themselves;
  • Do not engage in insults, name calling, racial jokes, and other such behavior. This will not be tolerated;
  • Ninja looting (inside or outside our guild) will not be tolerated;
  • The guild is not a place for begging. We all had to level our chars, our gear and our professions ourselves. You’re welcome to ask nicely for any sort of help you require, but do not beg or spam with requests;
  • We do not tolerate cheating, hacking, kill-stealing, or any similar actions outside of the fair play promoted in World of Warcraft.


(Long-term) absenteism

Sometimes things work out differently: test periods for school, busy times at work, etc. However, we do depend on our raiders attendence. Therefore, please keep the raid leader informed when long-term absenteism occurs. We understand life happens, but if you miss a number of raids (expected or unexpected) we might not be able to guarentee your spot on the team.


Officer appointment

There is not a set number of officers we maintain in the guild. In general there are three aspects that lead to becoming an officer: 1) being in the guild for quite some time [+1 yr] 2) actively involved in the guild, 3) often a dependable raider in the main team.