Raiding Update!

25 Macho Men, pure bliss..

25 Macho Men, pure bliss..

I want to start by giving a big “thank you” to Disciplined, otherwise known as Stdsarebop. With his efforts yet another group has fought its way to 13/14 and last night even achieved 6/14 on 25 man.

As our first group steadily progresses through heroic Siege of Ogrimmar, we are slowly preparing for Warlords of Dreanor. Not only will we be able to be more flexible in who we can bring (anywhere between 10 and 25 for Normal/Heroic content), we are also preparing for Mythic (20 man).

As always, high server rankings are not our goal. Our goal is to enjoy raiding together and progress while we are at it. We try to provide as many as we can with raiding opportunities, hence our first 25 man raid last night.

Raiding with 25 man and expanding our roster present a lot of challenges for our guild management. We learn as we go, and do our best. We want to ask your to give us a bit of time to get things running smooth and efficiently.

As you guys will notice, a lot of people will be promoted to “Cowboy-trial”, Macho Men speak for “Raider-trial”. This gives them access to guild repairs and invites to our weekly raids. If you are awarded this rank within the guild, be aware that performance, dedication and especially signing up and being there, will lead to a rapid promotion to a core raider rank.

As always, I salute you my fellow Macho Men!

Your GM,