Obtaining the title “THE HORDEBREAKER” (5.3 only)

So in my opinion, patch 5.3 was all but exciting. We were supposed to collaborate with a horde clan (the trolls) and infiltrate the horde community. Then came the patch, I haven’t set foot in Ogrimmar, so a little dissapointing. What’s never disspointing is patch exclusive titles, (gear) items and as with every patch: opportunities to make gold! So here we go:

The achievement “The Hordebreaker” is obtained by completing the following steps:
Quest 1: “War is coming“. This is a pop up quest on shrine, it should be in your questlog. If you have issues with this, check out the comments on the achievement’s page on wowhead. You’ll be asked to visit Lorewalker Cho at the Seat of Knowledge (the archeology/lorewalkers spot in the Vale of Eternal Blossom). [Reward: 1g,14s]

Quest 2: “The King and the Council“. Handed to you by Lorewalker Cho after completing prequest 1. You have to queue specifically for the normal scenario: “Blood in the snow”. [Reward: 45g,60s / Greater Cache of Treasures / 50 valor points]

Quest 3: after completing prequest 2 you’ll receive the follow up “The Warchief and the Darkness“. You have to queue specifically for the normal scenario: “Dark Heart of Pandaria”. [Reward: 45g,60s / Greater Cache of Treasures / 50 valor points.

NOTE: at this point a new quest should be available from the cyclone guy inside shrine (not necessary for the achievement). Its called Heroic Deeds. And even though its not mandatory, completing it will award you a random 516 item :D.

Quest 4: After completing “The warchief and the Darkness”, Lorewalker Cho will provide you with the quest called “A Little Field Work“. You will be asked to visit Amber Kearnen in Durotar (Kalimdor). Now, you can ask a mage for a portal, or fly/flightpath/boat there. But there’s a guy standing on shrine with a teleporter next to him. Its a gnome, called Gneep Chatterswitch. You can enable the portal by talking to him and then taking place in the transporter device (standing next to him). As far as I recall, the first teleport was for free, after that it costs 10g for each time you use it.
The teleporter will bring you to the harbor at ratchet (if you are at war with booty bay, you might want to find different transportation :P). Fly to Durotar and you should find Amber Kearnen and Sully in one of those stealthed bubbles as we know ’em from Isle of Thunder. [Reward: 19g84s50c]

Quest 5: “Gathering Intelligence“. You will have to click on the machine in the bubble to be transformed into a cat. You’ll be asked to retrieve four items while transformed. If you use the add-on TomTom you will find the objects on the following coordinates: (55,11) (53,14) (54,11) (50,15). If you want to return to the bubble quickly, right click on your cat buff or walk up to a unfriendly elite horde NPC :P. [Reward: 19g84s50c]

Quest 6: “The Darkspear Rebellion“. Amber will send you to talk to Zen’tabra, a troll NPC located at a hill overlooking Razor Hill. She will turn friendly and the tower will become a sanctuary (blue) zone. [Reward: 1g98s50c]

Quest 7: “Vol’jin of the Darkspear“. Zen’tabra will take you to Vol’jin. [Reward: 1g98s50c]

Quest 8: “Battlefield: Barrens“. You will be asked to head to the Northern Barrens zone and collect resources. Now you may start out by killing a few npc’s in the blue quest area’s on your map and think.. .ohhh 15 each, isn’t too bad. Then you turn in this quest and two new ones pop up: [Reward: 19g84s50c]

Quest 9: (The weekly) “Battlefield: Barrens“. Collect 150 of each (lumber, oil, stone and meat). [Reward: 24g72s / Radical Mojo / 200 valor points]

Ok, so here’s my guide on how to collect 150 of each SUPER FAST! 😛

Trick 1: Overturned caravan’s
– Sometimes is mentioned in general chat (i.e. A Caravan near … has been overturned);
– Sometimes appears like a raid warning in your screen (in red);
– Sometimes is displayed with an image like a rock somewhere on your map.
Depending on the area it was overturned it contains oils, lumber, meat or rocks. Go there ASAP. Basically you’ll see 50 crates lying around which you can loot containing resources. The caravan will despawn when the last crate has been picked up.

Trick 2: Killing Commanders
There are fixed locations where commanders can spawn (they spawn continuously). They pop up on your zone map with the icon of an orc. These commanders are much like the Isle of Thunder rares. Their health increases depending on how many people join the fight (so killing with 2 people could be easier than killing with 6, but not necessarily). They have no faction tag. That horde my look like he’s there to sabotage you (and that may be true), but hordes can help kill the boss and receive loot, so no faction tag. Also, making a raid and killing the commanders together might seem like a good idea. But their drops are quest items, meaning: no loot when you are in a raid group. So avoid raid groups and stick to normal groups with the maximum of 5. A commander usually drops 15 items of each resource, and about 30 of the resource thats available in that part of the zone. Also, everyone that participated in the kill will receive the same loot.

Trick 3: Escorting Caravan’s
A notification will pop up on your screen or in general saying: An Alliance caravan needs to be escorted from .. a location.. Go there, look for the caravan (a Kodo and some goblins i believe). Walk with them and every few seconds a raider on a wolf will attack the caravan. Kill the raiders (the wolfs despawn) until the caravan has reached its destination. Usually like 3 minutes from start to end (you can also help out in the last bit and stil receive the reward). At the end you’ll automatically receive a crate of Korkron supplies. Containing 15-30 each’ish.

Trick 4: (and my personal favorite) Mass Farming
Me and Flarock usually head out to a supply area, lets say oil for example… look where the most mobs are.. Flarock runs around AoE’ing and I heal him. Now I heal a lot, and his damage is high… but per pull we loot about 30 of the supplies, which takes us about a minute (max) to kill and loot. Which makes it faster then any other method. If 30 level 90 elites are too much for you and your friend to take on, than go ahead and invite more to your party (watch the maximum of 5, because raid groups don’t loot quest items).

Quest 10: “The Old Seer“. This quest has been available after quest 8, but it makes more sense to go back to Pandaria after you’ve finished questing in the Barrens. Chen Stormstout will be hiding behind Vol’jin and give you this quest. You’ll be asked to head out to the slopes of mount Neverest in Kun Lai Summit. There you’ll find Seer Hao Pham Roo. [Reward: 1g98s50c]

Quest 11: “Path of the Last Emperor“. Seer Hao will have you walk up the slopes and beat a couple of crystals while dragging him up. Before turning in this quest make sure you are in your aimed PVE spec. This quest will award you with 502 boots (stats are based on your spec). [Reward: 24g72s / ilevel 502 epic boots]

Upon completion of quest 11, you’ll receive the achievement and corresponding title: The Hordebreaker!
Adding up all the quest rewards, at this point you have received:
– 300 valor points
–  207 gold, 60 silver
– item level 502 boots
– 1 x Radical Mojo

 So what is this “Radical Mojo” worth?
– The mobs in the barrens can drop Kor’kron latent gear (different slots, like belts, boots, chests etc). Combining this with a mojo creates a 489 gear piece (so not bad for gearing up)
– You can exchange the mojo at the quartermaster for a companion pet (only available this patch), this might turn out to be valuable in a few months-years
– You can exchange the mojo for a brawler’s special challange card

NOTE: you can redo the “weekly” resource quest every week (duh). The weekly is given out by Gneep Chatterswitch (the gnome in shrine with the teleporter). Every week you receive 200 valor points and a mojo.. meaning more gear or more pets.