Now even at 25 man normal: 13/14 progress! *proud*

Hi all,

Thanks again for all your efforts this week. It was great to do this (for now) 1-time-only 25 man raiding on normal. In just 3 evenings we managed to down 13 out of the 14 bosses. This even makes us the 12th 25 man guild on the server! 😉 Garrosh will probably follow soon enough when we get into a convenient situation to organize that. For now, of course Group 1 (6/14 hc) and Group 2 (13/14 normal) will just continue with what they were doing. I’m sure Group 2 will get to 14/14 normal in the coming week. You can do it guys!

For now, you can see our 25 man kill videos of Siegecrafter Blackfuse and Paragons of the Klaxxi below.

Also, interesting to see how Nícolai managed to show exactly why not everyone is a Macho Man. After getting in our guild at quite low level, having joined many raids and gearing up, now suddenly he felt too good to boost a few people in the 25 man normal group, insulted our guild, guildies and GM, and left. Interesting fact when looking at the logs: dps was fine, but execution of tacts (interrupts, avoiding damage, etc) was not so good at all. Good luck to him in his next guild anyways. To everyone else who likes to be an elitist: dont join Macho Men! Remember: community over progress! Thanks to all who do understand that! 😉