Moonkin Openers – Luxkin’s Breakdown

So you want to play a moonkin. You’ve seen their feathers, their lasers, and most importantly, the top damage they can pull in the opener. But the moonkin opener is very complicated, for lack of a better word. This is my breakdown of how to learn the moonkin opener.

An example of a fabulously feathery moonkin.

An example of a fabulously feathery moonkin.

There are two different ways of opening as a moonkin, the lunar opener, and the solar opener. Unless you have very low gear (under 490 ilvl or so), the solar opener will be the one you use on every fight.

This is the solar opener:

Start at 100 energy towards solar eclipse.
Use Potion of the Jade Serpent
Cast a Starsurge, so that it lands when the boss is pulled.
Cast Starfall
Use Incarnation and Celestial Alignment
Cast Starfall again (after first has finished)
Cast Moonfire (doing this also applies Sunfire)
Cast Starsurge on cooldown (when shooting stars procs) and spam starfire otherwise
When you’re nearing the end of CA, reapply both dots using moonfire.
(Be wary of overriding strong dots with weak dots here)
Cast wrath until Lunar Eclipse
Cast Starfall
Continue Normal Rotation

That is the simpler written guide of what to do during the opener. Follow those steps to achieve a very strong opener, however be wary of dot clipping and mushrooms. When you cast a dot, it snapshots your current stats, meaning that if you cast a dot with both trinket procs up, it is going to tick a LOT harder.

Therefore, if you are nearing the end of celestial alignment (6 seconds ish to go) and your trinket is about to fall off, then reapply Moonfire/Sunfire early. This means the dots will have the full benefit of your trinket procs, and so increases dps more than if you had waited until CA was almost over.

EDIT: You can also benefit from wild mushrooms on the pull. Simply place three mushrooms before the fight starts, and detonate them in celestial alignment for a minor dps increase.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this clarifies any queries people have about the opener.

If you need any advice, feel free to message me ingame, or leave a comment here,

Lux (Luxkin)