Macho Men: activity planning Patch 5.4

Hi all!

The current patch has so much to offer us all, therefore we present our activity planning for the upcoming months.

Our aim: to stimulate and facilitate all our members to increase their skill and item level to ultimately provide progression in normal mode raiding.

Flexible raids: we plan to keep hosting flexible raids every friday, saturday and sunday (as fallback). We think flexible raids are great fun and allows everyone to get to 540 item level.

Normal raids: we currently explore opportunities to work together with another guild to progress through SoO in about 12 raid nights. For this progression speed we need high item levels and previous raiding experience. We aim to use the knowledge of SoO that we gain (by clearing the instance fast mode), to provide Normal raiding for the majority of active members in our guild. In the beginning this will NOT be a boosting service. We expect the highest DPS/HPS output, and maximum gear, dedication and skill.

We therefore invite everyone to sign up for flexible raids. This allows us as a guild to obtain the experience, skill and item level to enjoy normal mode raiding together short term.

Joining in on Flexible farming/progression:
We currently require around 515 ilevel to join on flexible raids. With new encounters being released every week, we are not boosting item levels under 515. However, previous raiding experience is not required at all. We just want to have some fun together! In general, if you have the item level, you can join. The only thing we have to take into consideration is whether we can make a decent composition of tanks/healer/melee/ranged DPS.

Requirements for flexible raiding:
– Item level 515+
– Ability to use ventrilo (hear and be heard);
– A PC that can handle the encounters without too much lag;
– Being on time and having time to finish the encounters;
– You reforge, gem and enchant;
– You are willing to prepare tactics;
– Bring flasks and consumables;
– You’re joining to have some fun :).

Joining in on Normal Progression:
We require around 520 ilevel for (relatively) experienced raiders, and 525-530 for (relatively) inexperienced raiders. You may wonder, why do we use double standards? We aim to involve as many as we can in normal mode raiding. Being more experienced often means that you can handle/perform more with less resources. The older the patch gets, the more relaxed these standards become, people become overgeared and there’s room for “boosting”.

Why does item level matter?
First things first, in the beginning of a new raid patch, new instances are challenging. Clearing those instances on normal and even on flexible mode, can be very demanding.  Later in patches, most people are over-geared and its easy to “boost” undergeared characters/alts. However, at the start of patches, there’s no boosting, so no undergeared characters are joining.
Secondly, increased item level means a few things: a) higher DPS/HPS output and b) higher stamina. High DPS/HPS output is important in order to meet enrage timers, get adds down relatively quickly so that we can still heal through, etc. b) stamina is important because new raid bosses hit harder than bosses from previous patches. Getting hit by an ability of 500K will probably kill someone with item level 520, but someone with item level 540 will live: all due to the stamina increase.