Love tokens, a good source of gold

WoWScrnShot_022214_120707Hi all,

Maybe a bit late, but i still wanted to share how Love Token can be a good source of gold during the Love is in the Air event. This is especially relevant once you finished all the achievements for the festival, and dont have enough time left to save up tokens for the Swift Love Bird.

When you do all the dailies, and the daily instance you get about 40 Love Tokens a day. Spend those on 2 Lovely Dress Boxes. From those you can get 1 of (links to for realm history prices): Lovely Purple DressLovely Blue DressLovely Red DressLovely Black Dress. These should be easily sellable for about 200g – 500g (depending on the dress). If not now, certainly later this year.

Of course you may do something else to make money on your Love Tokens, feel free to share if you do. If you currently do nothing with them, and / or have a pile of ‘useless’ Lovely Charms sitting in your bags I’d do the above for the next 2 days if I were you. May just be a nice 1200 – 1600 gold in about 30 minutes of work spread over 2 days.

Wont make you rich, but just may be some nice extra gold for some of you. Enjoy!