Life of Lux: Wice’s Secret Identity?!

Ever wanted to truly know what goes on in the life of Luxkin, one of the server’s most… special moonkins? Life of Lux is a weekly (yeah right) post which informs you all about the Life…. you guessed it. Of Lux.

In a shock revelation a few months ago, main tank and all-round grump Wiceroy’s secret identity was revealed. The raid leader refuses to comment after a series of developments lead to his secret identity being revealed to one of our informers, Fluxkin

After a series of arguments in 5.2, several raiders left the core team, including “Valenaar”. The suspect was a draenei shaman, one of several raiders to leave in late 5.2. Little has been heard from Valenaar since the patch, and no information is known regarding his whereabouts. Since 5.2 little has been seen of Valenaar…

Until now.

A shocking conversation with Mr Wice himself.

A shocking conversation with Mr Wice himself.