LF volunteers in the raid groups!

Header_03Life of a raid leader is fast-paced, easy to get out of control, and extremely tiring. But above all, absolutely amazing. To improve the feedback we can give to all you raiders, we are looking for volunteers.

Job description:

– participating in either: most flex raids, most group 2 raids, most group 1 raids;
– able to install/run the World of Logs Client;
– upload the log to World of Logs after the raid.


– People complaining about how the log isn’t correct, and their recount/skada is better (aka my deeps is leet);
– A happy GM and Raid leader;
– 1 minute taken from your lifespan per week.

Does this sound like your type of activity? Contact Dorelei in-game, or send an email to [email protected]