Items that transform you

There are several fun things to be found in WoW.. stuff that will just fill up your bags. Nevertheless, I find items that transform my character amusing. So if you are idle in Stormwind waiting for MoP to arrive, you might want to acquire some of the following things.

It takes a few pre-quests in Blade Edge Mountains, but after collecting 5 custome scraps and creating an misleading outfit, a Wyrmcult Provisioner becomes friendly and allows you to purchase an Orb of the Blackwhelp. This orb contains 3 charges and transforms you into a Blackwhelp for 15 minutes. I can highly recommend fishing while being transformed.. that’s gonna raise a few eyebrows next to the Dalaran Fountain!

Go farm Magisters Terrace again! You may have already looted the companion and mount, but did you receive the Orb of the Sin’dorei yet? This orb transforms you into a Blood Elf! Note, just like the mount, the orb will only drop in heroic mode, so you can give it a try once a day.

Take on Archeology! With patch 5.0.4 you can now dig up to 7 times at the same dig spot. This means less flying around (woohoo). Did you know that one of the rare Night Elf finds (Wisp Amulate) transforms you into a whisp? Also, Bones of Transformation turn you into a big ol’ naga.

In case you didn’t know, there are a couple of consumables that transform you and are easy to obtain:

  • Pygmy Oil > transforms you into female voodoo gnome (alchemists can make this from Pygmy Suckerfish)
  • Noggenfogger Elixir > turns you into a skeleton and is sold by Sprinkle Noggenfogger in Gadgetzan (Tanaris) for a couple of silver
  • Savory Deviate Delight > turns you into a ninja or pirate (you can cooked on a level 85 cooking skill with Deviate Fish)
  • Underbelly Elixir > you can find these on the ground in the sewers of Dalaran, only usable in Dalaran, it lets you see things different and may turn you into a wasp 😀
  • Magic Eater > fished up in the Dalaran Sewers, eat a couple of these and you may be granted a random buff or switch form.. who knows!

There are loads of fun things around.. do you have another suggestion? Please add more transforming items :))