Herbalist money-making on Timeless Isle

On my random farming adventures on the isle, I discovered that there were mobs that you can herb after you’ve killed them. They are called Ashleaf Sprites. Not only do you receive either trash or a decent herb after you’ve killed them, they also give you additional timeless coins: win win. So I decided to farm them for 20 minutes to see what the results would be. (NOTE: you can also perform herbalism on someone else’s dead ashleaf sprite)
ashleaf sprites


Sooo… here’s what I looted in 20 minutes (ofc including my herbalism on the corpses):

– Vendor trash around 45 gold;
– 2 Big Bag of Herbs containing 2 golden lotus and 2x 15-20 herbs;
– 8 Mote of Harmony;
Technique: Glyph of One with Nature: only seems to drop from Ashleaf Sprites, very valuable to sell.
– 1 Timeless Cloak;
– 2507 Timeless coins (also killed Huolon and other rares since they spawn on top of you);

Overall i looted these herbs:
36 Green Tea Leaf
38 Snow Lily
2 Golden Lotus
42 Rain Poppy
16 Fool’s Cap

big bag of herbs

This is what my loot table looked like (golden lotus and 15 snow lily are from the Big Bag of Herbs)

loot overview ashleaf sprites


You can find them right here, they spawn around the trees:ashleaf sprites map