I am spending gold in WoW, a decent amount. I buy stuff I like and never have issues with buying enchants, gems, flasks and potions. Even better, I bought a yak. Not just a plain yak, but a 108K worth vendoring and reforging yak.

Somehow, for a lot of people in WoW, this seems to be close near impossible. So I figured, lets keep track of my gold-making in WoW. Because I have no clue how I make it :P.

A little over a month ago I installed a few addons: Accountant, Altoholic and TSM (TradeSkillMaster). With one goal: tracking how I make and spend my gold. So lets look back at my past month financials.

WoW doortje monthly financials

In the picture above, you can see the summary from TradeSkillMaster. A few numbers that stand out (keep in mind, these totals are of 45 days of playing WoW and across my entire account):
– I’ve made 153K (5.6K in the past week)
– I’ve spend 33.6K (3.4K in the past week)

So, how did I make this money? Here we go!!

busy AH sales

I love/hate the AH. So I tend to spend time there, and then ignore it for a few weeks. In the meantime my bags fill up, and after sometime I HAVE to auction, because of space issues. This is what it looks like if I’m like semi-visiting the auction house. We see a couple of big sales, mainly the Darkmoon Fair trinkets. I do my inscription, tailoring, jewelcrafting, leatherworking and enchanting cooldowns every single day. After some time, I have enough Imperial Silk on my tailor to make 3 28-slot bags, equals 10K in revenues. So I don’t do anything special, just saving up and then selling it all. I’ve also crafted some PVP gear with my tailor, and having trouble selling it all because I don’t repost my undercut items. But hey, I see some sold, good for me :P. Also, I sold mats for decent prices, look at the price of Thorium Ore and Frostweave Cloth. There’s no reason not to get the most out of old materials.

So you may wonder, if you’re not too busy with auctions, do you still make money?
Well have a look at this:
accountant day

This is what today looks like. I have done 0 stuff on the auction house. Its around noon, and I’ve semi-played for 2 hours. All I did was Golden Lotus, August Celestial and ShadoPan dailies. It may not look like much, but if you are short on 2K, all you need to do is all the dailies in pandaland and maybe run Molten Core or some other instance, and vendor!

By posting auctions here and there, and just being active in world, this is what a typical relaxed week looks like:
accountant week

Basically, I buy some stuff if I see it on the Auction House. Like patterns, or enchanting recipes. I’ve made over 1.7K from quest rewards (dailies and such), and looted 750 gold. I also vendored for about 1.7K. So from just doing stuff and looting/vendoring it I made: 4.1K in a week. So if you are short on cash, that’s something to think about :P.

So what are my principles of gold-making?
– Loot everything, and I mean everything
– Have bagspace, not being able to loot is a loss
– Spend your first cash on vendoring options: vendor mount, guild page (companion) etc.
– Maximize professions, and use daily cooldowns.
– Be active: do dailies, run old instances, grind stuff, and loot in the process.
– Know what stuff is worth: make sure to have addons like Auctioneer that tell you if an item is worth something. You never know, you could be vendoring a green item that’s worth more than 10K.