Gold-making with Treasure Chests!

I’ve been a bit slacky when it comes to gold-making lately. I don’t really post any auctions, I don’t craft anything. I just.. spend gold. But I’m always interested in finding a new way of making gold.

During Cataclysm I was aware of treasure chests, but at that time I was always told that there was a maximum of 1 chest up per zone (in Cataclysm area’s). Given that I would be the one getting it, odds were very low of it being a solid gold-making method (apart from the occasional find). However, since I decided to give the Camel Figurine another try, I ran into 2-3 chests in Uldum, which caught my attention.

treasure chest twilight highlands

Mornings are usually a good time to find rares, treasure chests and other odd items. As the few quiet hours on the server give everything some time to respawn.. this is when the Dorelei strikes. Yesterday I found the following items in Uldum, Deepholm and Vash’jir:
Downfall Hammer (250-350 gold)
Ravenheart Longbow  650-700 gold)
Dirk’s Command (1750-2500 gold)
Skeletalized Shoulderpads (150-200 gold)

treasure chest vashjir

Today I decided to quickly scout all Cataclysm zones, and this is what I found:
Endwyn’s Flickering Gauntlets (200-250 gold)
Trek’s Shiv (100-200 gold)
Soul’s Anguish (1250-2000 gold)
Rage-Possessed Greatsword (3000-4000 gold)
Chestguard of the Caring Ursine (200-300 gold)
Eye of Heaven (150-200 gold)
Falling Snow Bracers (150-200 gold)

So where does one find these treasure chests?

Not as straightforward to find as you might think. Gathermate 2 and Gathermate Data 2 provide me with some of the chests, but never all of them. I ended up looking up every single type of chest on wowhead and seeing where they would spawn in the Cata zones. Now you’re probably are not going to make the same effort, and I must say Gathermate does a pretty good job. But if you want to check all locations, you’re going to have to work the same way as I did. Don’t forget add-ons like Tom Tom, so you can quickly enter coordinates per zone and do your fly-by.

In case you are interested in all the chests WoW has to offer, check this link to wowhead:

All the best, Dorelei.