Gearing up FASTMODE patch 5.3 edition (PvE)

As you guys know, I like to gear up, and fast. So here are my tips and tricks for this patch (5.3) to get high up fastmode.

Your new regime: as newly dinged 90 (or slacky undergeared 90)

Step 1: Head to Isle of Thunder
This 5.2 patched island starts with the quest “Thunder Calls“.  Can’t find it? You may have done this quest and didn’t pick up the next one. In that case, fly to Townlong Steppes to Shadopan Garrison. There should be a quest called “The Storm Gathers” given by Vereesa Windrunner.

You can do two things here: do all the scenario’s that Jaina Proudmoore gives you to unlock the island, or only the first phase. The first phase gives you access to the island, which is good enough for our main goal: COINS. I recommend doing all the scenario’s, not only for the valor you gain, but also for the reputation (you’ll find out later in this guide why you need reputation with the Kirin Tor Offensive).

As soon as you gain access to the island, go look for a “Throve of the Thunder King“. This can drop an item called “Key to the Palace of Lei Shen“. Now this drop chance is not 100%. And the Trove of the Thunder King is only lootable once a week per character. If the key didn’t drop for you, continue by killing rares on the island (alone or with a group). Check this link for what rares there are. They spawn every hour, so you should be done fairly quickly. Still confused? Check wowrarespawns for detailed information.

Step 2: You have the KEY!
WARNING: Do NOT kill Nalak before completing step 4!

Once you loot your Key to the Palace of Lei Shen, head to the cave on Isle of Thunder located straight above Diremore (on the map), I think its called Bleak Hollow. There should be an NPC called  Taoshi. Speak with her to start the instance. You will get 5 minutes to open as many treasure chests as you can. These treasure chests will contain a lot of Elder Charms of Good Fortune. There are loads of video’s available how you can get the maximum of 20 elder charms in those video’s. If you’ve never done the instance before, check it out. My advice is to stick to clearing the first area + the first hallway. After that you’ll run into mobs, and mobs cost time. Time you could spend looting chests.

Isle of Thunder extra’s: if you spend time looting rares, or even the trove, you might receive an Incantation. Ask a strong level 90 friend to help you summon these bosses. They will drop a Fortuis Coffer. It commonly contains a few Elder Charms of good fortune. Beware, it will drop as group loot, so be wary of loosing the roll to your helper. Also, rares can drop valor point tokens, often 15 valor points worth.

Step 3: You have the COINS!

Well, you have the old coins. These coins can be used to have another shot on loot with a LFR, raid, or world boss. Fantastic right? But as I said, these are the old coins. They only count for the world bosses Galleon and Sha of Anger, and the following LFR’s/raids: Mogushan Vaults (Guardian’s of Mogushan and Vault of Mysteries), Heart of Fear (The Dread Approach and Nightmare of Shek’zeer), and Terrace of Endless Spring. But first things first, you probably can’t queue for Mogushan Vaults yet, so you start out by killing the world bosses Galleon and Sha of Anger.

Step 4: Get the NEW COINS
In patch 5.2 new coins were added: Mogu Rune of Fate. You can obtain these by turning in 50 Lesser Charms of Good Fortune. The lesser charms can be obtained by doing dailies with pandaria factions, killing rares, and sometimes elites, but most importantly, inworld pet battles (yes sir, pet battles). The quest is given by Elder Lin at Shrine of Seven Stars. This quest will give you three Mogu Runes of Fate. These runes can be used to get an extra shot at loot at the new worldbosses Oondasta (Isle of Giants) and Nalak (Isle of Thunder). Also these coins can be used in Throne of Thunder LFR/raid. Since Oondasta and Nalak. can drop 522 gear, you will want to use your coins there. So go kill Oondasta an Nalak!

Step 5: to the BARRENS!
Go to lorewalker Cho at the Seat of Knowledge (in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms). He will have a quest for you that requires you to do a new scenario called “Blood in the Snow”. Hereafter follows a questline that will lead you to the Barrens. If you complete this questline you will receive the title “The Hordebreaker“. This title is only obtainable in patch 5.3 and while completing this you’ll receive the following things: 502 boots (complete the quest while in the spec you want to receive boots for), and a Radical Mojo and 200 valor points. This Radical Mojo (and the 200 valor) is a reward from a weekly which you can use to buy a companion, but also to create 489 gear. Combining the mojo with a piece of Latent Kor’kron gear (belt, boots, chest, gloves, hands, pants, shoulders) creates a 489 gearitem of your choice. The Latent Kor’kron gear is looted while on the quests in the barrens, but also widely available on AH for small prices.

Step 6: a little help from your friends.
Obtaining the Hordebreaker title has unlocked a quest. Its given out by the cyclone guy in Shrine of Seven Stars, called Heroic Deeds.  Get some help to be boosted through a random heroic scenario. The quest reward will give you a random 516 gear item, and queueing for random will give you the daily heroic cache which has like a 50% chance to get a 516 item as well. Try to do a daily heroic scenario every day. Do mind that its a “heroic” scenario for a reason. Boosting you with a very low ilevel might as well mean, duo-ing the instance. Not every scenario is as easy to boost friends, and you may really be too low ilevel for it to succeed. Don’t be angry at friends if they don’t pull off a succesful boost, you might have to upgrade your gear first.

Step 7: Assessing the next steps
So you may have been lucky, and received a lot of gear up to this point. If you’ve reached ilevel 460 or higher, you can skip this part (or not) and go to Step 8.
If you are still not above ilevel 460, here are your options:
– Do daily instances (daily random scenario, daily random dungeon). They award satchels which might contain useful gear, not to mention high amounts of valor points.
– Buy crafted PvP gear. There are two levels of crafted PvP gear, 450 and 458. Make sure to buy the 458 gear, prices are not that different, and those 8 points make a difference.
– See how much honor/justice you saved up and perhaps you can buy something
– Do the Arena of Annihilation scenario and pick up the quest if  you have a weapon below ilevel 450.
– Buy crafted PvE gear. This is a matter of gold. If you have loads look into the 496 gloves and hands, usually a couple of K each. If you are loaded: buy the 522 gear. Usually around the 15-25K mark. Same goes for 502 weapons, usually priced at 30-40K.
– Jewelcrafters can make 450 rings and Inscriptionists 476 off-hands and really good 476 trinkets (darkmoonfair trinkets). Blacksmithing can create 463 weapons.
– If you did all the scenario’s on Isle of Thunder, you are probably honored with the Kirin Tor Offensive at this point (if not, do a few dialies). Being honored allows you to buy a 476 belt for 300 gold from the faction quartermaster. Nice hea?
– Go after the Relic Hunter title. There are hidden rare treasures all across pandaria that might provide a nice 450 trinket, necklace or weapon. I usually check on these while leveling, since they are equippable on the level of the questing zone.

Or the oldfashioned way: do dungeons :P. (I usually skip them completely!)

Step 8: getting from 460 to 522.

Gratz, you reached 460, now queue for the LFR’s. The coins you obtained in the scenario should help you get a lot of extra loot in the process, allowing you to gear up from 460 to 470 and even 480 to get access to Throne of Thunder LFR. Didn’t make 480? Have a look at step 6 to see if you can speed up the process.

Step 9: Keeping up the speed

– Valor cap: you can buy 522 items (even at neutral) from the Shado Pan Assault quartermaster for valor. Doing Throne of Thunder (LFR) will give you the rep to buy other items as well. Being exalted with them allows you to buy 522 shoulders from their quartermaster for 800 gold.
– Do Daily Heroic Scenario’s: you never know whats in that cache.
– Get your coins from the Key to the Palace of Lei Shen and the Lesser Charms quest to get the best chances on loot.
– Never skip world bosses.

Any questions? Here to help! Any suggestion? Please comment!