Garalon and Wind Lord Mel’jarak have been defeated!

Hi all,

This weekend we started with clearing MSV, as the post below shows. We continued with HoF on Saturday.

Imperial Vizier Zor’lok

Blade Lord Ta’yak 

The first two bosses went down pretty quickly, and soon we got to Garalon. After quite some tries, we finally succeeded to get him down with our guild group. Check out the video.


Then, on Sunday we continued on Wind Lord Mel’jarak. We were quite well prepared, but somehow we did much worse then the times before. After 1.5 hours, we found out the cause of all the wipes we had: we were playing on Normal 25 man instead of 10 man! I’ll won’t say whose mistake that was of course, but we quickly changed the raid settings, and 4 tries later Wind Lord Mel’jarak was down! Check the footage.

Wind Lord Mel’jarak 

Good work to everyone who joined! Let’s quickly finish HoF next week, so we don’t have to come back there again! 😉