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      Player Name: Ultraxx

      Players class / spec: Unholy Death Knight

      Armory profile link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/the-maelstrom/Simmyjaville/simple

      Battletag: ddevanz#2798

      Time played on character: 18 days total 7 days max rank

      Real name: David

      Email: [email protected]

      Age: 19

      Where do you live (country): England

      Previous guild: Forgotten name was just a guild with friends

      Reason for leaving previous guild: too casual, no raiding

      Describe your raiding experience: Raided some HC and norm in Cata then did BRF and highmaul in WOD on normal, heroic and a little bit of mythic but not much and the mythic runs were much later in the expansion. Legion in the 1st time i’m taking raiding really seriously so far im 7/7 normal and 1/7 heroic

      How long have you been playing, have you taken any breaks and why?:been playing since WOTLK I took breaks constantly throughout cata because I didnt play much, played most of pandaria as a pvp player. Played mainly pve in WOD then quit about half way through HFC because friends stopped playing and I didn’t really like the raid.

      How did you hear of Macho Men?: WoW Progress

      What do you expect of Macho Men?: A solid raid team that I can progress through heroic content with whilst making some friends and doing mythic+ runs and other things with when not raiding, but primarily a guild to progress through content with.

      What defines a ‘successful’ guild raid run?: When the guild learns something from the raid, its progress so for me even learning more about a boss is a success. Even more successful would be getting some members BIS items and making the raid team stronger for the next raid so we can do the content more effectively.

      Any people you know in Macho Men that can vouch for your personality and skill?: nope

      Anything else you would like us to know?: Though I dont have as much raid EXP as a lot of people I know mechanics very well as I spend a lot of time studying them so I know a lot about the fights and how to fulfil my role as a melee DPS. I have a steady internet connection and am comfortable talking on discord, I do solid dps and understand my class very well, always improving, trying new talents and doing anything outside of raid times to make my character stronger.

      Anything else you need to know just message me on WoW, I’m always on, and sorry I don’t have a SS of my raid UI but I use bartender for my UI and need to know for tracking CD’s etc. Thanks for reading.

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