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    Hey there guys.
    First of all I’d like to point out that im missing 1 tome for my legendary ring and my HFC is capped so cant get it until next reset. I hope this wont be an issue but if it is I’d like to warn you officers before continuing to “waste” time reading my application. However if its not a problem, please enjoy!
    Taking a hunch and applying with both my characters since I cant really decide wich one is my main, I guess I’ll end up with the resto druid as the main and the tank as a fun project though!
    Player name: Trysha/Sleysha
    Class: Human prot warrior/Night elf resto druid
    Armory profile link warrior:
    Armory profile link druid:
    Battletag: Sammyyz#2598
    Time played warrior: Just under 14 days.
    Time played druid: Just under 5 days.
    Real name: Sammy
    Email: [email protected]
    Age: 25
    Living: Sweden, main language was however english at first.
    Recent guild: Ashbringers
    Reason for leaving: Had enough of ONLY the social and lack of raiding and wanted to start serious raiding, Ashbringers is a fun time talking but I want to advance and get more active.
    Raiding experience: Done HFC number of times on normal premade, done everything but Manno and Archi on heroic. I see its rather hard to get a good group without the curve so usually you just end up with a few bosses on premade heroic mode. I wasnt active enough back in the days to do raiding to a habit, I was usually just the guy spamming up characters with the dungeon finder. Now however ive gotten abit more serious about it all.
    Playtime overall: I cant say really how long ive played wow, ive gotten these urges just to login and play for a few months then take a break (other games have been a habit such as HoN, Counterstrike) and it was hard to find time for them all. Now however ive been trying to pound away and cant see myself taking a break anytime soon as long as a guild is found since im playing mostly by myself/premade.
    A hunch would be 2 years on and off.
    How I heard of you: Found you through the ingame search, checked out the website and I find your dedication appropriate to mine. Just that yours is more successfull at the time being.
    What I expect: Some ingame friends of course and alot of raiding, not always with completion but always results either in learning or advancing. And probably most important some fun.
    Successful guild run: Some tense moments, cooperation, not always completion with the goal but dedication with improvement from the previous step. Fun.
    Side notes: I know there is a few parts of my inventory that is from the PvP grounds, please see through this and know that as soon as I get the chance I’ll replace them! Other than that I hope you enjoyed my application and hope to hear from you soon!

    Sammy aka Trysha/Sleysha.

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    Hey buddy!

    Thank you for your interest in the guild – we have reviewed your application and would very much like to discuss this further with you.

    I am going to be away until Sunday afternoon for a wedding, but if you could add our Guild Master Dorelei, I have been through your app with her. Please contact her on realID Dorelei#2613.

    We’re doing the last three bosses HC on Sunday, I’d very much like to see you get that curve then!
    Mikey – Tree

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    Thanks for reading!
    In contact with Dorelei now so thats all done.

    I guess I’ll talk to her about the time on Sunday since I will be at work 12-21, however I might get off at 19:15 and in that case (wich is most likely) I’ll be home at 20:15 approx.
    I guess the time you guys are planning on is around 20ish so hopefully and most likely I will make it!


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