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      Player Name: Parathix
      Players class / spec: Balance druid with tank offspec (I can however change my offspec)
      Armory profile link:
      Battletag: 1851
      Time played on character: 300 hours
      Real name: Thomas Andersen
      Email: [email protected]
      Age: 21
      Where do you live (country): Denmark
      Previous guild: Kela
      Reason for leaving previous guild: Went travelling.
      Describe your raiding experience: My first real raiding experience came in wotlk, where me and some friends raided icc at a very low level. After that it has mostly been in wod. Here I raided highmail with a more casual guild, but started in Kela for mythic progression in BRF. Here we almost got blackhand down before HFC came out. In HFC I have killed 4/13 on mythic, before I went on a 7 month around the world trip
      How long have you been playing, have you taken any breaks and why?: Been playing since vanilla, but taking many breaks along the way. Mostly due to school and lag of interrest. Have gotten old enough by now that I can make time for more raiding.
      How did you hear of Macho Men?: Forum
      What do you expect of Macho Men?: A progression guild that takes raiding decently serious and always having people do their best. Also not showing up without reason is something that shouldn’t be accepted. Atleast let your guildies know if you are not coming
      What defines a ‘successful’ guild raid run?: If we kill a new boss or we feel like we get some progression done.
      Any people you know in Macho Men that can vouch for your personality and skill?: No, I am sorry.

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      Oh, and here is my ui:

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      Hi Parathix!

      Thank you for taking the time to apply to our guild. However, we are currently on a break awaiting the prepatch for Legion. Some of us dabble into some casual WoW so we can always host a social spot. It won’t be for a few more months until we resume raiding however.

      All the best,


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      Okay – all fair. Dont wanna start my account again until I got a guild. But thanks ill keep it in mind 🙂

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