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      Soooo for this fight, everyone will need to download an add-on called Exorsus Raid Tools. Installing is easy: through Curse. Setting it up takes a little bit more time. To open up the addon window, type /ert in game. Look for the category ‘Bossmods’ on the left hand side and make sure Kormrok is toggled on. Additionally, the arrow needs to be configured (more on that later in this post).

      On mythic, Kormrok gains an ability called ‘Splash’. He uses this whenever he leaps. Basically, a bunch of pools will spawn across the encounter area. If not soaked by a player quickly, it will spawn a pool of nastyness and won’t be accessible to the raid anymore.

      This video explains the fight well in my opinion, as well as how to deal with this mechanic:

      A few things matter in preperation on this fight:
      1. Everyone needs to have configured their arrow. Type /ert and select Arrow on the left hand side. Click Set Position to see where the Arrow currently is and to adjust its position if necessary (middle of screen advised).
      2. Everyone needs to check what spot they have been assigned to by the raid leader (Tree needs to assign everyone). Type /ert Kormrok to see where you have been assigned to.
      3. Dealing with (empowered) explosive runes is a bigger hassle. Dedicated players are needed with dedicated personals and externals (perhaps through assigned healers) [rogues and hunters suggested].
      4. Healing cooldowns need to be set up for each Grasping Hands and Pound. Preferably a defensive as well for each Grasping Hand.
      5. This is a 3-4 healer fight. If you have a lot of DPS you can consider bringing 4 healers. Originally this was 3 healed because of the tight DPS checks.

      Suggestion for cooldown rotation:
      GH1: Barrier + Tree form
      P1: Tranq
      GH2: Smoke bomb (only small area – you can’t stack completely in it) + anti magic zone (not sure if effective) – get resto shaman with SLT if possible)
      P2: Divine Hymn

      For configuring the soaking spots, consider using assigning people to this setup Fatboss made:

      View post on

      Good luck and happy coining – this boss drops the first mythic tier piece of the instance (725 ilevel).

      Feel like watching more video’s?

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