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      • If you level at launch, don’t start in Stormheim. The zone starts with an instance and instances are notorious to get you stuck.
      • Park your character in the Dalaran above Karazhan when the launch is about to happen. Don’t wait in the middle section, but wait in the streets instead. This helps you avoid not seeing the quest as it spawns.
        Set your loot spec to your main spec if you are leveling on an offspec – you want all your artifact power to accumulate on your main
      • Go back to your class halls every 2 levels to pick up and continue your class quests – this will eventually award you a third relic slot (which is very impactful on your output). You can obtain this third relic slot before the raids open. It depends on your class how long this takes to get.
      • At the end of a zone, you’ll get a quest to do a dungeon. This quest line, as well as finishing zones completely is very very beneficial. You don’t have to do it immediately, but finishing these up should be a priority at max level and is not a waste while leveling.
      • Generally, you will need to finish all the quest lines in all the zones. There are spare quests, but the main quests hubs should be completed.
      • As soon as you hit 110, queue the artifact research – completing artifact research (and learning it) will increase the rate at which you gain artifact power (this is important since the traits on your artifact will cost increasingly more artifact power). Keep queueing this on cooldown (once per 3 days I think) this is the MOST important thing.
      • Run to the token vendor (weekly raid coining seals) in dalaran if you reach 110 on Tuesday – you might be able to get an extra set of seals (which you can also use in mythic +).
      • Go to Suramar when you are 110. Doing the quest line will enable world quests, which are essential to start gearing up.
      • World quests are increasingly more beneficial. They start by offering you low item level gear, but as soon as you reach this item level, the gear you can earn will scale higher. This goes up in steps of about 10 item levels per time, and ends at about 835.
      • Do a daily random heroic every day for the artifact power it rewards.
      • Do your world quests daily. You can earn one ‘cache’ per day. You will see this in the bottom of your map. Caches are bound to factions and require you to complete a couple of quests for that faction. These caches contain gear, supplies and rep.
      • Keep progressing Suramar daily. You will need the rep from these quests to be allowed inside two mythic only dungeons located in the zone. These dungeons hold many great items (aside from the fact that the dungeons are amazing too) which you’ll want before the raids.
      • Mythic dungeons will be open starting on Wednesday. After the first week, you will be doing them with the guild. Feel free to start this one week early to get a chance at extra gear.
      • Gear in mythic dungeons will be 840 by default. However, chances at getting warforged or titanforged (max warforged) are quite high. Running these dungeons will give you great chances at even greater gear. We will make groups for the second and third week to make sure everyone gets through them.
      • Crafted items have a default item level of 815 (if I’m not mistaken). You can upgrade these with Obliterum (tradable / sellable) to 850. Great for filling in those final low slots.
      • To create / sell obliterum (which will be very valuable in the first 3 weeks), you need to unlock the obliterum forge. You can do so by accepting a quest in the enchanters shop in Dalaran where you have to turn in a bunch of bracers. This will require 3 or 4 of each type of crafter bracer (so like a cloth, leather, plate one etc). Follow this quest line and you’ll unlock the forge (located in the old forge place in Dalaran). Putting a crafted item in the obliterum forge allows you to destroy it, and you will receive obliterum. With obliterum you can upgrade your crafted item.
      • If you have a crafting profession (taylor/blacksmith/ leatherworker) know that you’re doing your guildies a great favor by crafting a bunch of bracers so everyone can start this questline.
      • There are enchants that you can put on your shoulders, that rewards you mats (ancient mana, gathering mats, etc). If you are an enchanter, be extra focused on gaining reputation. As reaching honored with a faction will often grant you a recipe at their quarter master.

      But most importantly: get to know your fellow guildies. Don’t be shy. Convince others to come on Discord. Get to know each other. It’s a little bit new and scary as people have been away for a while, or perhaps you’re completely new to the guild. Do stuff together!

      Good luck, have fun!

      Your guild master 🙂

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