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    Player Name: Gaminglotus
    Players class / spec: MM – Can change if needed, but might not be used to it from the start.
    Armory profile link:
    Battletag: GamingLotus#2365
    Time played on character: 11 days – I have multiple hunters, and one with 66 total days on it
    Real name: Andreas
    Email: [email protected]
    Age: 18
    Where do you live (country): Denmark
    Previous guild: Myriad
    Reason for leaving previous guild: They were full of hunters
    Describe your raiding experience: I’ve raided in MoP and WoD. Where in Mop I’ve only raided SoO, where I did down some bosses on mythic, and killed all bosses on heroic. In WoD I’ve raided with a “newly formed” raiding guild in HM, where we raided normal and came to almost the last boss, before our raid- and guildleader left us.
    After that I took a break from raiding, and didn’t raid BRF. When HFC came out, I started my search on a raiding guild, but didn’t have any luck. So I’ve been pugging myself all the way up to the kill of Archimonde HC.
    How long have you been playing, have you taken any breaks and why?: I’ve been playing since late vanilla on my big brothers account (Not very much). Then I started on playing on my sisters account from early Wrath. bought my own accout late wrath/early cata.
    How did you hear of Macho Men?: Searched for guilds, on WoWprogress, on the realm Maelstorm, and found you.
    What do you expect of Macho Men?: I expect that you will raid some HFC HC, and maybe get into Mythic.
    What defines a ‘successful’ guild raid run?: A great teamwork with nice people, who won’t give up. And to be successful, you have to make progress for every run, even if it doesn’t mean a kill.
    Any people you know in Macho Men that can vouch for your personality and skill?: Nope, sorry, I’m the only one I know that play on Maelstorm ATM.
    Anything else you would like us to know?: I don’t like people who are slacking.

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    Hey there! Thanks for your application. After we’ve been able to discuss as officers, we’ll inform you about your possibilities to join our guild for raiding (joining as social is always possible).

    In anticipation of that, you are welcome to join our lower HFC HC run tonight (upper was cleared on Wednesday). If you want to do so, please contact me (Flarock on GerbenS#2886), Dorelei on Dorien#2657 or Tree on Mikeisred#2303 in-game.

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