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      Player Name: Demonbob
      Players class / spec: Demon Hunter – Vengeance>Havoc
      Armory profile link:
      Time played on character:
      Real name: Cameron
      Email: [email protected]
      Age: 20
      Where do you live (country): Scotland
      Previous guild: DNS
      Reason for leaving previous guild: Not enough enthusiasm for guild based progression in Legion
      Describe your raiding experience: HC guild progression and raid leading in Wrath, casual Cata/MoP, raid leading Highmaul raids with RL friends at start of WoD. Pretty much all as tank, both MT and OT.
      How long have you been playing, have you taken any breaks and why?: Since Wrath, not taken any full breaks but I’ve played suuuuper casual in Cata, MoP and the end of WoD.
      How did you hear of Macho Men?: My friend Ayriae is a member of the guild
      What do you expect of Macho Men?: A fun raid and social environment with people who will put in effort for progression
      What defines a ‘successful’ guild raid run?: A run where we would learn more about a raid – so we may improve for tomorrow.
      Any people you know in Macho Men that can vouch for your personality and skill?: Ayriae
      Anything else you would like us to know?: Any Monday-Thursday raiding should be no problem but on Sundays I often go out for dinner and so wouldn’t be able to make those raids 100% of the time. I would be able to give advanced notice of this.

      I’m out at the moment and can’t see my battle.tag and time played. I’ll edit them in later or tomorrow. Cheers.

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      Battletag: Cammy#2846
      Time played on character: 6.5 days

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      I’ve known Demonbob for a long time irl and started playing Warcraft with him something like 7 years ago. He’s a nice, funny guy and definitely knows what he’s doing when it comes to tanking as he plays nothing else! Good raid leader as well as he tended to take the lead when it came to pugging our way through WoD (I gave up after Highmaul).

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