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      Player Name: Ayriae
      Players class / spec: Shaman – Restoration/Enhancement
      Armory profile link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/the-maelstrom/Ayriae/simple
      Battletag: Tris375#2367
      Time played on character: 224 hours
      Real name: Tristan
      Email: [email protected]
      Age: 23
      Where do you live (country): United Kingdom
      Previous guild: DNS
      Reason for leaving previous guild: Quit WoW when I went to university.
      Describe your raiding experience: The vast majority of my raiding experience was in WotLK with it being a mixture of guild progression and pugs. Initially started out as a mage main but shifted to restoration shaman when I decided I enjoyed healing more. Since Cata release I’ve only raided casually with a small amount of progression at the start of WoD with some RL mates but they were mostly pugs with us leading.
      How long have you been playing, have you taken any breaks and why?: I’ve been playing since a couple months before WotLK was released. I took a break just before Cata was released and gifted my old account to my younger brother to play. Returned a year later and played socially since on a new account.
      How did you hear of Macho Men?: Tree’s advertisement in trade chat.
      What do you expect of Macho Men?: I miss my raiding days from WotLK, partly because I haven’t enjoyed the content as much and partly because university caused me to only be able to play socially. I’m really looking forward to get stuck into Legion and now that I have a job my schedule is far less erratic so I’ll be able to commit to raiding.
      What defines a ‘successful’ guild raid run?: For me a successful guild run is not about obtaining loot or improving my own character. I look for raiding with a group of patient people which can come out at the end of raid saying we’ve put in the effort and progressed. Whether that be not downing a boss but showing improvement and learning how not to do things or fully clearing a wing/raid.
      Any people you know in Macho Men that can vouch for your personality and skill?: None.
      Anything else you would like us to know?: I am engaged but I currently do not live with my fiancee therefore some weekends I will not be able participate in raids as we will be visiting each other. Also I’m currently on the graduate scheme at work which requires me to move placements regularly, my next placement (Oct-Apr) may require me to travel during the week and could affect my ability to commit to raids.  I’m aware this could affect my progression/standing within the guild but I would like to become a member pre-Legion to get started with you guys and get to know everyone.


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      Good morning Ayriae,

      thank you for submitting your application. I would love to discuss this further with you, I have added your battle.net.


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