Raids by Macho Men

Recruiting for mythic progression!


Are you (close to) full hc and ready to start mythic? Or maybe your guild stopped or you stopped with your guild.. then come say hi.  We raid on Wednesday and Sunday: 19.45 invites (20.00-23.00 raid). One day may be added for casual HC clearing or pushing a mythic boss for a kill.




  • Full heroic experience (or close to), with multiple kills on most bosses.
  • Full heroic gear (or close to) – fully upgraded.
  • Legendary ring (since its so easy to obtain now, we consider it a matter of dedication, not a necessity).
  • Working TS and working microphone (if you can’t talk, don’t bother).
  • You have the drive to kill mythic bosses and want to make the effort to get them down.
  • You understand that benching may be necessary at times for composition reasons on certain bosses.
  • You consider it normal to learn to understand fights before starting progress on them.
  • You see enchanting and gemming as a way to earn your mythic gear, not the reward after obtaining your BiS.
  • You have a stable pc/internet connection (if you keep disconnecting, don’t bother).


Want to join?

  • You can apply on the forum or…
  • Add Dorelei (Dorelei#2613) or Tree (MikeIsRed#2303) and have a talk.

Feel free to look around the site and see what we’re all about!


Welcoming new people

One of the things we love, is meeting new people through the PvE activities we do. The Group Finder has made this very accessible to us. A bunch of people join us for our raids and the ones that like the same things we do… stick around. Of course this is sometimes limited by realm, but in the end we just enjoy hanging out most. The barriers of traditional guilds have long been broken, and we’re not hold back to make new ones. What matters is that everyone enjoys themselves.

In the process, we’ve cleared 8 heroic bosses. With the new patch out, we had fun with two different groups in mythic dungeons. We might even hit LFR as a guild group, who knows! The Macho Men are back and having fun. If you want to be part of it, then be sure to poke us in game!

Macho Men - post image - welcoming new people