Macho Men & WoW PvP!

Time to become Macho Men of Overwatch

bastion-conceptHi all,

With Legion still a couple of months away (except for beta-busy Dorelei), Overwatch is almost here! With fantastic gameplay for groups of up to 6 players, Overwatch is a great game to play with people you know. During open beta last week it was already very effective to meet up with guildies on Discord. So if you plan to join the Overwatch hype, log into the Macho Men channel on Discord and join us for some games.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Overwatch May 24th.

With kind regards,



War Games – With the Macho Men guild

Some months ago, we had something called “War games Thursday” in the calender. Here we would test our skill against each other. Not 1v1 but group against group. We were not always enough so we had to shut down the event. Now, after quite some time, I’ll try to mount it up again. But before making any promise about it happening, I’d like to know how many here actually would pick up their blades and join the fun. Time and date will be discussed!

If you have any questions, please contact me (Colnia) in-game.

Requirements to join
– A character in the guild
– Level 90
– Good mood

Read more about War games here

Comment here with the character, you wish you join us with


How to get your legendary cloak in 5.4!

You will need your legendary cloak! The day 5.4 hits you’ll be very very sorry you didn’t follow the questline. Why? Because Ordos ( the new world boss) will only be available if you have obtained the Legendary cloak on at least one character!

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