Preparing for profit! Goldmaking guide

When ordering WoD, you will receive a free level 90 character boost. While this may be a relief to some (I’m looking at you Wiceroy), it smells like piles of gold to others. Countless alts will be created, and they will all need pretty much everything. Here is what I think you should be preparing for:

Opportunity 1: Glyphs
Time investment: very high, you’re looking at reposting every 1-2 hours for optimal results.
Gold investment: roughly 15.000 gold (15K) minimum to buy herbs or inks.
Dependencies: suppliers of herbs or inks, number of glyphs learned by your inscriptionist(s).
Risk profile: being more in control of the market lowers your risk, very high investment required.
Use of addons: TSM or advanced use of Auctioneer/Auctionator mandatory to allow constant reposting and stock/craft management.

mats 2

Opportunity 2: Bags
Time investment: limited, reposting once or twice per day should be sufficient.
Gold investment:

  1. Crafting Netherweave bags: very low, buying or farming a few stacks and crafting is enough to make a small cashflow (500 gold minimum)
  2. Crafting Embersilk bags: probably most profitable when farming the mats yourself (potion of treasure finding shouldn’t be overlooked here) (1-2K minimum for buying remaining hypnotic dust)
  3. Reselling Royal Satchels: very high, 50-150k, resale strategy

Risk Profile: netherweave bags and embersilk bags very low, royal satchels very high (only recommended for experienced goldmakers with large cashflows).
Dependency: mats for the netherweave bags are usually widely available. Materials for embersilk bags are easily farmable (although quite some competition on farm spots) but sometimes hypnotic dusts becomes scarce. Therefore, stock up on especially hypnotic dust. Royal Satchels are cooldown dependent, although mob farmers sometimes can spare enough spirits of harmony to craft more than one per day (although this strategy focusses on resale instead of crafting).
Use of addons: TSM can be useful, but not mandatory at all.
Warning: do not flood the market with items, this may cause the price to drop.

mats 3

Opportunity 3: Gear crafts
Don’t bother with malevolent pvp crafts. Level 90 boosted characters will receive a set of 483 greens. Unless the crafting professions will learn how to craft 496 pvp gear. Of course there’s the hardcore pvp-er but be aware that the 476 pvp crafts market is highly populated. What you want to focus on is 522 (head and feet) and 553 (belt and legs) crafts. Wise guys amongst you might be thinking… could the prices of Haunting Spirits rise even higher (yes they can!).
Time investment: limited, reposting every 12-24 hours is probably enough. In addition a weekly ToT disenchant run can be highly profitable (thanks Disciplined for this tip).
Gold investment: considerable. You will need to invest in Trillium Bar, Living Steel, Windwool Cloth, Exotic Leather, Ghost Iron Bar, Haunting Spirit and Spirit of War (depending on your army of crafters ofc).
Risk Profile: relatively low, as long as you keep an eye on your investment vs market price ratio’s.
Dependency: materials to ignore the daily crafting cooldowns: spirits of war and haunting spirits (stock up while they are cheap!).
Use of addons: TSM can be useful, but not mandatory at all.

mats 1

Opportunity 4: Item enhancement
We’re talking gems, enchants, belt buckles, you name it! All these characters will get gear upgrades, and they will need to modify them: kaching!

Opportunity 5: EVERYTHING
What will any selfrespecting new alt do? Level professions! And what does one need for a new profession? Every single annoying material ingame. Clear out your banks, mine those ores as you pass them, buy every single low gem and repost at 500%, its yours for the taking.

mats 4

When will this happen?
There’s no exact way of knowing at this point. All I can say for now is anywhere between this weeks patch and the WoD pre-patch. What I do know is, now is the time to stock up!

Do you have any ideas, suggestions or feedback? Please leave a comment in the comment section below 😀

Good luck and prosper!
Your GM, Dorelei.

Working with daily cooldowns to make gold – how I make 122K per month

After my mage (Doortje) hit level 85, I started focussing on making gold. Just enough to buy what I wanted to make me enjoy the game more than it already did. I leveled my first professions: Tailoring and Enchanting. I made the weekly cooldowns in cataclysm (special cloth to make bags) and discovered that by making my cooldowns every day, I generated a steady income for myself. This made me realize, what if I had all professions and would be able to make each profession cooldown every single day? One year and later, this is what I have achieved:

NOTE: This is just the tip of the iceberg. Doing my daily profession cooldowns is the bare minimum of my gold making. 

Per month this is my average turnover of all my profession cooldowns per month (costs excluded, and no guarentee on fluctuations off the market price and counting 30 days as a month):
Doortje: 35.81K per month
Dorelai: 22.65K per month
Doreili: 45K per month
Dorelor: 18.9K per month
TOTAL: 122.36K per month

Herbalist money-making on Timeless Isle

On my random farming adventures on the isle, I discovered that there were mobs that you can herb after you’ve killed them. They are called Ashleaf Sprites. Not only do you receive either trash or a decent herb after you’ve killed them, they also give you additional timeless coins: win win. So I decided to farm them for 20 minutes to see what the results would be. (NOTE: you can also perform herbalism on someone else’s dead ashleaf sprite)
ashleaf sprites (more…)