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Come hang out with us!

Macho Men in WoW may be sleepy as we await the launch of Legion. But there is a place where there is happy chatting and banter: on our new Discord server. Change of voice servers takes some getting used to, but this one seems to be a nice move. We can chat together without having to be in WoW and have a place to meet up to play other games. If you have played with us in the past, we welcome you to join our Discord and come hang out with us. Basically, it is our new guild chat.

Discord-Logo-ColorSince change is always difficult, here are our steps to Discord victory:

  • Step 1: download Discord at Yes, there is an online client but it doesn’t work as well as the desktop one.
  • Step 2: open your browser and go to This URL will direct you straight to an invite to our Discord channel. Consider it your username and password.
  • Step 3: configure¬†your audio settings and you’re all set!

The way discord works is, you can join multiple discords (displayed in the left hand side of the application). Once you’re on one, you can “be” in one of the voice channels. Either one where you can talk or in an afk channel. Messages can be send through direct messages (type @yourfriendsname) or in our text channels (new style guild chat). You can add friends, and see when they are online in the application.

Awaiting the hype..

End-of-expac fatique

Yes it sucks, but we’re going to take it easy for a few months. It has been a long time since anyone of us has felt the hype to play Warlords of Draenor. With a prepatch expected anywhere in July-August-September, we are sitting this one out. We feel like it is more important everyone still has the capacity to enjoy the game come Legion, then to burn out now indefinitely. That is why you are all invited to come say hi again once you feel the itch to come back to WoW and/or raiding.

We went through a phase like this end MoP as well. I guess it is part of the game now – especially with so little max level content. Know that we will still be there, know that we will love to enjoy this game together once again. Know that we are looking forward to playing Legion with you.


On behalf of the officers and myself,

Dorelei – gm