Catching up: the LEGENDARY questline of MoP

Before you start reading: if you are lucky, getting up to speed will take you 18 weeks. You may say, wow, is that worth it? Blizz has shortened a lot of phases. Bear in mind, I’ve been working for almost a year now on this questline. And once the 18 weeks are done.. trust me: no regret.

The Black Prince > Legendary Questline

Chapter 1: Trial of the Black Prince (3 weeks)

You start off by going to the inn in Shrine of Seven Stars (The Golden Latern) where an orange quest “Stranger in a Strange Land” will be provided. You will be asked to go visit Wrathion (the black prince) who is at the Veiled Stair (at the tavern). After turning in the quest, you’ll receive a new quest called “Legend in the making” upon which Wrathion will show you why he needs your help. After that, the real work starts.

Wrathion will provide you with two quests: “Strenght of one’s foes” and “Trial of the Black Prince”.
–  “Strenght of one’s foes” – You will have to collect 10 sigils of wisdom and 10 sigils of power. These can drop weekly (only once per boss per week) from LFR bosses in Mogu’shan Vaults, Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Spring (that means the first 5 LFR’s). To obtain these means having a little luck and running these LFR’s on average 2-3 weeks.
– “Trial of the Black Prince” – This quest requires you to reach an honored reputation with the black prince himself. If you are actively playing on this char you probably are already honored. If not, mobs in the vale, dread wastes, townlong, the Operations Shieldwall area, and Isle of Thunder will give you reputation.

Upon completing the two quests, Wrathion will give you the assignment to go kill the Sha of Fear (in Terrace of Endless Spring). The quest is called: “Fear itself”. The Sha of Fear will drop a Chimera of Fear. Loot this after he’s been killed and return to Wrathion.

Wrathion will give you the quest called “Breath of the Black Prince”. This is where you can stand back and do nothing. He will make you a+500 weapon gem and give you the achievement “Chapter 1: Trial of the Black Prince”. The gem is either + 500 Agility, Intellect or Strenght, pick what suits you :D.


Chapter 2: Wrathion’s War (3 weeks)

After completing part 1, Wrathion will give you the quest “Incoming..”. You will have to await the Naval Fleet. Don’t wait too long, because this fleet arrived in 5.1 under the name of Operation Shieldwall. Now if you haven’t bothered with Operation shieldwall at all, Wrathion might doesn’t let you turn in the quest. Here’s what you have to do in that case: Go to the outside terrace of shrine of seven stars. Look for Sentinel Commander Lyalia. Accept her quest called: “Meet the Scout”. Follow this questline in Krasarang until the Alliance base has been build (like 3 quests) and return to Wrathion. For those who might be stuck halfway in this questline, here are the quests:
– Meet the Scout
– A King Among Men (the King stands at the beach in krasarang)
– Lions Landing

After this (or if you had already completed the quests above) you’ll receive “A Test of Valor” and “The Measure of a Leader”from Wrathion. To complete the first quest you will have to valor cap for 3 weeks in a row. The second one can be completed immediately and gives you: “The Princes Persuit”. This will ask of you to reach revered with the black prince. You can reach revered by farming mobs in Krasarang and Isle of Thunder. Don’t get stuck on reputation, with a guild banner and some farming you can reach exalted in a matter of 2-3 hours on isle of thunder.

After completing the princes persuit and a test of valor you will receive these quests from Wrathion: “The Lion Roars” and “Change of Command”.
– The Lion Roars asks of you to win two battlegrounds: Temple of Kotmogu and Silvershard Mines (both added in 5.1).
– Change of Command requires you to kill a horde boss in Krasarang wilds. In 5.1 this required at least 6 people working as a team, these days you can solo it.

Turn in these quests and you’ll receive “Eye of the packmaster” which rewards an extra socket for your weapon on the spot called:Eye of the Black Prince. Upon completion you’ll receive the achievement: “Chapter 2: Wrathion’s War”.

Chapter 3: Two Princes (12 weeks)

This chapter was released with patch 5.2.
After finishing chapter 2, you’ll be given the quest “The Thunder King” immediately followed by “Meet me upstairs”. These are turn in quests at Wrathion.

You’ll then be send out to collect 20 secrets of the empire with the quest: “Secrets of the First Empire” and to reach exalted with the black prince for “I need a Champion” (you can reach exalted by grinding mobs on isle of thunder). Now there’s luck involved with getting these, but in general you need to do all 4 Throne of Thunder LFR’s for about 3-6 weeks. When you turn in the 20 secrets you’ll also have to bring 40 trillium bars. If you have trillium laying around, let a miner smelt bars. Also alchemist can transmute ghost iron into trillilum. Just go with what suits your budget :P.

Now, this is where the fun starts. Before you go to another collecting phase, you’ll have to solo some content. It will start off with “The Thunder Forge”. Wrathion will be waiting for you at the thunder forge at Isle of Thunder. You will only be able to see him when you have earned the achievement: “To the Skies”. This requires you to have done the scenario’s on isle of thunder (in specific stage 4). When you meet Wrathion at the forge, you will start a single player scenario. Very exciting! If you have issues with this, don’t hesitate to ask us on tips or check youtube for info.

After helping Wrathion in the Thunder Forge, you’ll receive the quest: “Spirit of the Storm Lord” aka Nalak. You’ll be asked to throw a Lance at Nalak and keep kiting an add for some time.  You can do this while in a Nalak group, or with a tank and healer. Again, don’t be shy to ask for help.

Upon completion of the Spirit of the Storm Lord, you will receive a Legendary Meta (head) gem! “Echoes of the Titans” Is the quest that follows, and again you’ll be sent out to collect, this time, 12 Titan Runestones. These runestones only drop from the last 6 bosses of Throne of Thunder (that means last two LFR’s from ToT). On average 2 stones drop per week, costing an average of 6 weeks to complete the quest. After you gathered all 12 stones you’ll be asked to kill Lei Shen again, and loot him. Just like with Sha of Fear. The quest is called: Heart of the Thunder King and completing it rewards the achievement “Chapter two: Two Princes”.

Chapter 4: Celestial Blessing (1 day)

This chapter was released in 5.3.

After finishing the third chapter, you will receive a new quest to visit wrathion at the veiled stair called: “A Reckoning”. He will give you “Celestial Blessing”. You’ll be asked to visit all 4 celestial shrines: Niuzao (townlong), Xuen (Kun Lai), Yu’lon (Jade) and Chi-Ji (Krasarang). Depending on your class/spec you accept one of their challenges: Niuzao for tanks, Xuen for melee, Yu’lon for ranged DPS, and Chi-Ji for healers. I personally did the healer challenge and uploaded my scenario on youtube (

Upon completing the scenario you’ll receive the quest: “Cloak of Virtue”. Meet wrathion at the veiled stair again and you’ll receive a level 600 epic cloak! You’ll also receive the follow up quest for patch 5.4 called: “Preparing to Strike”.

Chapter 5: Judgement of the Black Prince (1 day)

This will be released with patch 5.4. SPOILER ALERT!!

On patch day you can meet Wrathion at the veiled stair and turn in “Preparing to Strike”. Followed or replaced by “Meet me at the inn”, asking you to visit Wrathion at the veiled stair. The quest “A Timeless Discovery” will ask you to travel to the new isle called The Timeless Isle. This will probably be a pop up quest on Shrine of Seven Stars on the patch day.

Once you arrive on the isle you’ll probably need to first complete the daily: “A Timeless question” given out by Evelyna (she’s next to the court with the celestials). Upon completion she’ll give you the quest: “Secrets of the Timeless Isle”. You will have to gather 1000 Timeless Coins. The coins are to be found all around the isle, on which i’ll share more on patch day (as I have to discover them on live as well in comparison to PTR). The quest: “The Emperor’s way” requires you to kill all 4 celestials which will be much like the first Oondasta kills times 4 (4 bosses). Their AoE strikes for 500K.. prepare to die and thank me later for guild repair :P.

Upon completion of these quests you’ll be able to pick up “A Pandaren Legend”, awarding you a Legendary version of your epic cloak. Beware your upgrades will be reset from what it looks like on PTR. You’ll also have to regem and re-enchant. The Legendary Cloak is AMAZING. The procs added are rediculous and not to mention you’ll receive a nice animation coming from your cloak. Everyone will know… you are legendary!

The follow up quest is called: “Judgement of the Black Prince” and will award you the achievement for chapter 5. With your legendary cloak you’ll be able to access Ordos, the new world boss. Mind, without the cloak, you won’t be able to get to him!! So far it seems that if one char on your account has the legendary cloak, all alts can access the boss too. Obtaining the legendary cloak will also award a guild achievement.

Follow up

From what I’ve seen there will be a follow-up quest which requires you to kill Garrosh Hellscream in the new raid called: the Siege of Oggrimar!