Be Prepared: patch 5.4!

So I’ve been playing around on the 5.4 PTR lately, and figured I’d share some information with you. I’m not going to tell you whats possible, and what you will see (to avoid spoilers) but I am going to tell you what to prepare for if you want to participate in everything the patch has to offer (as far as I have discovered ofc)

Tip 1: Progress on your legendary quest line!
This may be an obvious one, but when 5.4 hits you will be able to make great progress on your legendary questline straight away. Further more, there will be a new world boss. And he will ONLY be accessible/killable/lootable, if you have the Legendary cloak! So if you don’t want to miss out on that loot, be sure to progress as far as you can on your legendary questline.

Tip 2: Level 30 pets to level 25!
There will be new things to acquire and achieve, but you need to have the achievement: “Pro Pet Crew” in order to obtain them. So go go level your pets :P.

Tip 3: Get your main (and alts) to itemlevel 510!
It is rumoured that the new LFR entry level for the Siege of Oggrimar (new raid) will be 510. So depending on where your chars are at, it might be wise to gear them at least up to 510.

Tip 4: there will be fast ways to gear your alts!
So you only play your main but don’t want the grind on your alts for gear? Good news, because there will be ways to obtain Bind to Account 496 items really really fast.

Tip 5: Max professions!
New profession cooldowns will be added. This means gold. So max those professions before the patch hits.

Tip 6: Take a tour around the vale!
This might be sentimental, but the vale will drastically change. No more the golden fields the Jinyu in Jade Forest were already cheering about.  So go ahead, take a tour, and remember the once golden, shiny and peaceful Vale of Eternal Blossom.

At this point you may wonder, when does 5.4 hit? Well, only blizz knows but we suspect somewhere mid-end August. On the patch day I will publish detailed info on where to find stuff and what to look for. This info will be updated as I discovered changes/additions myself in live in comparison to ptr.

As always, feel free to ask questions and comment 🙂