Awesome transmog gear from quest rewards

In my attempts to obtain the “Loremaster” titel, I’ve discovered multiple quests that rewarded awesome transmog items. Of course I’d like to share them with you all :-).

The first quest I have to mention is The Cipher of Damnation. This endphase quest in Shadowmoon Valley (Outland) awards epic weapon look-a-like’s from the Burning Crusade. <!–more–>For example, I obtained the Staff of the Redeemer, does this remind anyone of the Exodar Life Staff? It does require a lenghty pre-quest line, but beats waiting for a rare spawn of Doom Lord Kazzak with an 18% drop chance.

Another fantastic quest reward is The Burning Crusader which you can get from completing Nexus-King Salhadaar in Netherstorm. Just the name alone makes you want to get this weapon :P.

If you fancy a full Stormwind Guard transmog, the Imperial Set (made by Blacksmiths) is a nice starting point. But add Maximillian’s Shield from the quest The Ballad of Maximillian and you actually start to look like a guard. Even though you don’t have any use for a shield, I highly recommend you to take on this short questline from Maximillian of Northshire. To be honest, it was one of the most hilarious questlines in WoW.

Looking for something futuristic? The Pilfered Ethereal Blade is just plane awesome! Assist the Consortium in Netherstorm by Declawing Doomclaw and this pink see-through sword can be yours. Is pink, well.. too pink. You can always visit the exotic weapon vendor Dealer Jadyanin Netherstorm for a green version, the Ethereum Phase Blade. He only has one in stock, so you might have to check on him a few times. And oh yeah, a yellow version can drop from Renataki in Zul’Gurub.

Do any of you have stumbled upon great questrewards? Let me know 😀