Heirlooms and guildies

While you have been questing you might have noticed that we have more people online in the rooster. Well.. Give them a welcome back because many of them is the old Macho men guildies. You’ve been missed!

Online players

During the pre-patch you are able to get a title and a compainion. You just have to do 10 minutes top of questing. So log in and get it! Blizzard has also choosen to boost the drop chance of the Heirlooms in SoO by 100%! Note that LFR is not included and if you’ve already got a Heirloom on let’s say normal, then the boost will not apply.


We’ve updated our Facebook with some fun stuff and information. You should go check it out.

A little Family picnic


“It was a regular night in World of WarCraft.. How ever.. On The Maelstrom, there was some players, who was bored.. So they decided to gather over a picnic and a beer. Colnia brought the food and beer and the others came with B.F.F necklaces, minions and a good mood. So as they were eating, a guy named ‘Afterdark’ joined them. How ever. He scared poor little Ethylin, so they had to scatter and fly away. Then after losing him, they met again. This time not in Shrine, but in The Jade Forrest. Our heroes, our Macho men (and girl) had a lot of fun. They talked for some time on TeamSpeak and suddenly, it wasn’t so boring any more!”

So yeah, we were bored and after a long time, we finally got people joining us on TS and in the game. It was fun! If you’re bored, just go on TS and let people join you! Don’t be afraid. It’s only Mikey, who bites.

A chance to get to know Wrathion!

So, I’ve discovered this video where we get told the story of Wrathion, his father and the Black Dragonflight. I thought that it could be quite interresting and fun to watch, for us who does not know it. Click on “continue reading” to watch the video!

– Colnia

This video contains spoilers for the 5.3 legendary questline.


War Games – With the Macho Men guild

Some months ago, we had something called “War games Thursday” in the calender. Here we would test our skill against each other. Not 1v1 but group against group. We were not always enough so we had to shut down the event. Now, after quite some time, I’ll try to mount it up again. But before making any promise about it happening, I’d like to know how many here actually would pick up their blades and join the fun. Time and date will be discussed!

If you have any questions, please contact me (Colnia) in-game.

Requirements to join
– A character in the guild
– Level 90
– Good mood

Read more about War games here

Comment here with the character, you wish you join us with