Guild Management

  • Logz (aka Tree) –  Guild Master and Raid Leader (since 2016)
  • Dorelei – Officer (Guild Master 2012-2017)
  • Pandazzle – Officer
  • Kirvesmuna – Officer
  • Tsundre – Officer


Macho Men aims to offer stable chill mythic raiding. We all have adult lives – raiding two nights a week works for us. We raid 3 nights a week in the first two weeks of new content. Everyone will be online anyway when new stuff is out. Having a quick start through normal and heroic is nice. We all raided mythic in the past. For the golden oldies, that’s heroic pre-Siege of Orgrimmar (late Mists of Pandaria). If you are new to this raiding difficulty, we might not be the guild for you. That said, we love the company of socials and you never know how that develops.

A bunch of people in the guild has known each other for years. Some since the guild was founded (6 years ago). We have zero tolerance for drama. Our guild management structure is clear, and so is loot distribution and raid leadership. If you suffer from a superiority complex or your-amazing-friends-know-it-better please go somewhere else.

Guild transfer

We recently (mid-2018) transferred the guild from The Maelstrom to Silvermoon. Raiding guilds from The Maelstrom have been escaping to other servers for a while now, and raider pools felt depleted. Hence, we are now on Silvermoon!

Name Change

On April 27th, 2013, the name of the guild had been name-changed into Macho Men. We were progressing in Throne of Thunder, on Horridon specifically. After wipe no. 30 something, we all felt like we could use something to lift our spirits. Glihn responded by playing Macho Men by the Village People on Ventrilo. Shortly after, Horridon went down. In the days following this victory, Wiceroy jokingly suggested we should rename our guild. Dorelei decided to take this joke seriously. Hence, Macho Men was born. Before this, the guild was called Neptune.

Veteran officers

These are the officers of the past:

  • Galilath
  • Wiceroy
  • Adamaro
  • Suuckmytotem
  • Flarock
  • Blitzi/Soulshard
  • Melaroi