World of Warcraft guild on The Maelstrom – EU since August 2012

When the old guild level system was still in place, Macho Men was a level 25 guild. Our focus has always been on raiding and enjoying the game together (social).


Guild Management

Dorelei & Flarock have been managing Macho Men since before it was called Macho Men. In August 2012, end of Cataclysm, they acquired Neptune (level 23 at the time). Aiming to further the develop the guild and providing a raiding/casual guild for themselves and their (WoW) friends.


Macho Men aims to offer a social environment that helps members to find friends in-game, aid each other, and progress on skill and item level. We believe everyone can become a raider and can improve, as long as there are the drive and the passion for doing so. Our main activities are aimed at providing the guild with relaxed but consistent progression raiding in current end-game content.


The guild has been actively raiding for Mists of Pandaria (all raids) on Normal. In Siege of Orgrimmar, we cleared 9 Heroic pre-nerf with our 10-man group. In Warlords, we cleared Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry Heroic. We found ourselves unable to convert to a proper 20 man roster. Hence we only cleared Mythic bosses sporadically. In Hellfire we casually cleared seven mythic. Many of the core members have been around for years, and keep finding themselves coming back to hang out and raid within the guild.

Currently, the guild does not actively organise raids or other activities.


Tree – Raid leader and long time raider of Macho Men.

Dorelei – Guild Master of Macho Men, Resto Shaman in ScrubBusters The Maelstrom and author of Chainheal.com (the website for resto shamans).

Flarock – Webmaster of everything (Macho Men and Chainheal).

Name Change

On April 27th, 2013, the name of the guild had been name-changed into Macho Men. We were progressing in Throne of Thunder, on Horridon specifically. After wipe no. 30 something, we all felt like we could use something to lift our spirits. Glihn responded by playing Macho Men by the Village People on Ventrilo. Shortly after, Horridon went down. In the days following this victory, Wiceroy jokingly suggested we should rename our guild. Dorelei decided to take this joke seriously. Hence, Macho Men was born. Before this, the guild was called Neptune.

Veteran officers

These are the officers of the past:

  • Galilath
  • Wiceroy
  • Adamaro
  • Suuckmytotem