A little Family picnic


“It was a regular night in World of WarCraft.. How ever.. On The Maelstrom, there was some players, who was bored.. So they decided to gather over a picnic and a beer. Colnia brought the food and beer and the others came with B.F.F necklaces, minions and a good mood. So as they were eating, a guy named ‘Afterdark’ joined them. How ever. He scared poor little Ethylin, so they had to scatter and fly away. Then after losing him, they met again. This time not in Shrine, but in The Jade Forrest. Our heroes, our Macho men (and girl) had a lot of fun. They talked for some time on TeamSpeak and suddenly, it wasn’t so boring any more!”

So yeah, we were bored and after a long time, we finally got people joining us on TS and in the game. It was fun! If you’re bored, just go on TS and let people join you! Don’t be afraid. It’s only Mikey, who bites.