Daily Archives: January 18, 2016

Still recruiting – but on our way!

2M down for Macho Men v2


Our mythic progression has begun

So much fun! Our first kills are a fact. Gratz to everyone involved! We do want to grasp this opportunity to mention that we are still looking for more people to fill our roster. There’s a few pug spots open at the moment (on mythic difficulty) and we’d love to make it one big guild group. Our main attention goes to finding DPS, but if you feel like Macho Men might be what you are looking for, then poke us regardless!


Currently, we’re mostly after either a Holy Paladin or a Mistweaver Monk. We need you to be somewhat geared though, to participate right in the action (715+). If you’re a boomkin, shadow priest, or warlock then chances are we’re happy to add you to the roster.