Daily Archives: January 21, 2014

Application form incoming

Helloes and good day to you!

I’ve been getting an increasing amount of whispers of people wishing to join one of our raid teams. Since we’re actively looking to expand our team from 10 to 20+ in our preperations for Warlords of Draenor, I need to manage this better.

Whispers worked quite well, but I’m starting to loose the overview. Therefore I’m going to work on making an application form so I can archive and make sure I answer each and every application.

What are the things I should ask new Macho Men? If  you have suggestions/ideas, please let me know, or comment below!

Your GM, Dorelei.

Challenges modes… weeee!

Hey guys,

The past few days I’ve been doing challenge modes regularly with both Macho Men and friends from Vengeance Hand and Dark Rising. I’m always up for some achievements, and in that regard Challenge Modes are an absolute blast.

As always, once you know what to do, its not that hard. But communication is key. A special thanks to Suuckmytotem and Disciplined for sniping me on my lack of keybinds on my elemental spec. Its the Naga ok?! I’ll get there 😛

Meanwhile, I’ll be sharing video’s of our kills, right here:

Stormstout Brewery Gold:

Shadowpan Monastery Gold:

Scarlet Monastery Gold:

Temple of the Jade Serpent Gold:

Scholomance Gold:

Mogu’shan Palace Gold: