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Working with daily cooldowns to make gold – how I make 122K per month

After my mage (Doortje) hit level 85, I started focussing on making gold. Just enough to buy what I wanted to make me enjoy the game more than it already did. I leveled my first professions: Tailoring and Enchanting. I made the weekly cooldowns in cataclysm (special cloth to make bags) and discovered that by making my cooldowns every day, I generated a steady income for myself. This made me realize, what if I had all professions and would be able to make each profession cooldown every single day? One year and later, this is what I have achieved:

NOTE: This is just the tip of the iceberg. Doing my daily profession cooldowns is the bare minimum of my gold making. 

Per month this is my average turnover of all my profession cooldowns per month (costs excluded, and no guarentee on fluctuations off the market price and counting 30 days as a month):
Doortje: 35.81K per month
Dorelai: 22.65K per month
Doreili: 45K per month
Dorelor: 18.9K per month
TOTAL: 122.36K per month

Dorelei’s guide to killing rares in the Vale


If you ever find yourself logging on on odd times of the day/week, make sure to not ignore skulls like this one:


Why you may ask? I spent around 20 minutes power-zerging rares in the vale (the skulls) and this is what I got:

loot rares vale






– 5 motes of harmony;
– 5 Elixer of Wandering Spirits;
– 105 gold to vendor from cloaks and high-priced vendor items (or 5 * blues to disechant);
– 8 Golden Lotus, 20 Rain poppy, 40 Green Tea Leaf and 16 Silkweed worth about 550 gold on the Auction House;
– 5 stacks of Ghost Iron Ore, 5 White Trillium Ore and 2 Black Trillium ore, worth about 320 gold on the Auction House;
– 3 stacks of Spirit Dust, worth 90 gold;
– 3 bolts and a stack of Windwool Cloth, worth about 70 gold.

In total that is: 1135 gold, for 20 minutes of killing rares… not bad eh?

Wonder where you can find the rares in the Vale of Eternal Blossom? Install an addon like NPC Scan, which puts overlays on the map below (as you can see on the picture).

rares in the vale

These rares were originally daily quest mobs from the Golden Lotus dailies. Some didn’t spawn for months. With the launch of 5.4 they basically spawn every hour. The corresponding achievement hasn’t changed though:

one many army