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How to get your legendary cloak in 5.4!

You will need your legendary cloak! The day 5.4 hits you’ll be very very sorry you didn’t follow the questline. Why? Because Ordos ( the new world boss) will only be available if you have obtained the Legendary cloak on at least one character!

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Catching up: the LEGENDARY questline of MoP

Before you start reading: if you are lucky, getting up to speed will take you 18 weeks. You may say, wow, is that worth it? Blizz has shortened a lot of phases. Bear in mind, I’ve been working for almost a year now on this questline. And once the 18 weeks are done.. trust me: no regret.

The Black Prince > Legendary Questline

Chapter 1: Trial of the Black Prince (3 weeks)

You start off by going to the inn in Shrine of Seven Stars (The Golden Latern) where an orange quest “Stranger in a Strange Land” will be provided. (more…)